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Own Your DNS Data

Author: Kyle Rankin | Files under syndicated

I honestly think most people simply are unaware of how much personal
data they leak on a daily basis as they use their computers. Even if they
have some inkling along those lines, I still imagine many
think of the data they leak only in terms of individual facts, such as
their name or where they ate lunch. more>>


Simple Server Hardening

Author: Kyle Rankin | Files under syndicated

These days, it’s more important than ever to tighten up the security on
your servers, yet if you were to look at several official hardening
guides, they read as though they were written for Red Hat from
2005. That’s because they were written for Red Hat in 2005
and updated here and there through the years. more>>


Bash Shell Script: Building a Better March Madness Bracket

Author: Jim Hall | Files under syndicated

Last year, I wrote an article for Linux Journal titled “Building Your March
Madness Bracket”

My article was timely, arriving just in time for the “March Madness” college
basketball series. more>>


The Weather Outside Is Frightful (Or Is It?)

Author: Derek Hildreth | Files under syndicated

Blistery cold weather is sinking in, which ought to ignite
an instinctual desire to get your house in order and monitor it so the
water pipes don’t freeze and burst. So, let’s take a timely look at
a project setting up some temperature probes in various areas, reading
them and reporting in a custom dashboard. more>>


Understanding Firewalld in Multi-Zone Configurations

Author: Nathan Vance | Files under syndicated

Stories of compromised servers and data theft fill today’s news. It
isn’t difficult for someone who has read an informative blog post to
access a system via a misconfigured service, take advantage of a recently
exposed vulnerability or gain control using a stolen password. more>>


Infinite BusyBox with systemd

Author: Charles Fisher | Files under syndicated

Lightweight virtual containers with PID 1.

In this article, I demonstrate a method to build one Linux system
within another using the latest utilities within the systemd suite of
management tools. The guest OS container design focuses upon BusyBox and
Dropbear for the userspace system utilities, but I also work through
methods for running more general application software so the containers are
actually useful.



Author: Al Audet | Files under syndicated

In June 2013, we had the unfortunate luck of a basement flood, caused
by a tripped electrical breaker connected to our sump pump. There are
so many things that can go wrong with a sump pump. You always are on
guard for power outages, blown breakers, sump pump failures, clogged
pipes and all manner of issues that can arise, which ultimately can end
with a flooded basement. more>>


Tails above the Rest, Part II

Author: Kyle Rankin | Files under syndicated

Now that you have Tails installed, let’s start using it.


Tails above the Rest: the Installation

Author: Kyle Rankin | Files under syndicated
Tails logo

A few columns ago, I started a series aimed at helping everyone improve
their privacy and security on the Internet. The first column in this
series was an updated version of a Tor column I wrote a few years
ago. more>>


Super Pi Brothers

Author: Kyle Rankin | Files under syndicated

I don’t game as much as I used to. Although I’ve certainly spent
countless hours of my life in front of a Nintendo, SNES, or after that, playing a
first-person shooter on my computer (Linux only, thank you), these days,
my free time tends to go toward one of the many nongaming hobbies I’ve
accumulated. more>>