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Low Tech High Tech

Author: Shawn Powers | Files under syndicated

Google Cardboard should be terrible. Really, it should. It’s literally
made of cardboard. I remember as a kid some cereal boxes came with spy
glasses you had to cut out of the box itself—and they were terrible. But
Google Cardboard is amazing. Granted, you need to add your $750 Android
phone to it, but that’s already in your pocket anyway.


Android Candy: the Verbification of Video Chat

Author: Shawn Powers | Files under syndicated

People who study the history of languages probably will look back at our
current time and scratch their heads. We keep inventing verbs! First,
Google became the verb we use for searching. Then, “Facebooking” someone
became a viable way to contact them. Heck, I forgot about “texting”
someone. It seems we just keep taking perfectly good nouns and making
them verbs. more>>


Listen to Me Cheaply

Author: Shawn Powers | Files under syndicated

I listen to a lot of books. A lot. And honestly, although I’ve written about
the “Listen” app for audiobooks, I tend to use Audible more than anything
else anymore. Part of the reason is the Android app finally has more
fine-grained speed settings. (I prefer around 1.4x speed.) iPhone people
don’t have that seemingly simple feature. Just saying.


Android Candy: Landing on the Moon, with your Thumbs

Author: Shawn Powers | Files under syndicated

I do a lot of system administration with my thumbs. Yes, if I’m
home, I grab a laptop or go to my office and type in a real terminal
window. Usually, when things go wrong though, I’m at my daughters’ volleyball
match or shopping with my wife. Thankfully, most tasks can be done
remotely via SSH. There are lots of SSH clients for Android, but my
favorite is JuiceSSH.


Be Kind, Buffer!

Author: Shawn Powers | Files under syndicated

I like to tweet. Not like a bird (well, not usually), but
tweeting on Twitter. I like to post silly pictures and say silly
things. Unfortunately, a few things usually happen:

  • I take a bunch of photos within minutes of each other.

  • I want to post to Twitter and Facebook.


Android Candy: Facebook Everything?!?!

Author: Shawn Powers | Files under syndicated

When Facebook decided its messenger app would be an entirely separate
program from its regular app, I was ticked off. I didn’t want to have
a second application in order to send private messages. It seemed like
a needless extra step. And, I stuck by that opinion until I realized I could
integrate regular SMS and MMS messages into Facebook Messenger.


Tor Security for Android and Desktop Linux

Author: Charles Fisher | Files under syndicated


Internet service providers in the United States have just been given the
green light
to sell usage history of their subscribers by S
J Res 34
, more>>


Briggs and Stratton 8,000 Watt Elite Series Portable Generator with StatStation Wireless

Author: James Gray | Files under syndicated

Although Linux Journal readers might not equate Milwaukee with tech, a new
Briggs & Stratton product portends the bright future of smartened
“legacy” devices from the industrial heartland. more>>


Android Candy: That App Is for the Birds!

Author: Shawn Powers | Files under syndicated

Usually bird-related apps involve pigs and anger, but if you’re a bird
watcher like myself, there’s another bird app you must download. Cornell
Labs has released a free app called Merlin Bird ID that helps identify
birds you see in the wild.


Symbolic Math on Android

Author: Joey Bernard | Files under syndicated

For this article, I’m returning to portable science software
on Android. In a previous article, I looked at a program called
xcas/giac. This program is an open-source engine that is used to handle
symbolic manipulation of mathematical equations. Because it is open
source, it has been ported to several different platforms. more>>