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BBC Micro Bit: Can One Million of These Tiny Computers Create the Next Generation of Coders?

Author: ZDNet | Files under syndicated

The BBC has started delivering the first of its Micro Bit programming boards to students, a project which it hopes will help create the next generation of coders and tech entrepreneurs.


Hard Drives Are Heading the Way of Floppies, But When?

Author: - All Content | Files under syndicated

Solid-state drives are making inroads as the default mass storage option in PCs. HP and Toshiba execs weigh in on when SSDs will finally overtake HDDs.


A Bunch of New ARM Hardware Will Be Supported With Linux 4.6

Author: Phoronix | Files under syndicated

The ARM SoC updates were mailed out on Sunday afternoon for the Linux 4.6 kernel and it provides mainline support for thirteen new SoCs!..


ownCloud Pi Device to Run on Snappy Ubuntu Core 16.04 LTS and Raspberry Pi 3

Author: Softpedia | Files under syndicated

We reported last year that ownCloud was in talks with WD (Western Digital) Labs to help them develop a community project that would bring a self-hosted cloud storage device in users’ homes. 


Western Digital Offers Raspberry Pi Community 314GB Drive

Author: eWeek | Files under syndicated

The PiDrive 314GB device is based on Western Digital’s high-volume 500GB platform with design changes made specifically for Raspberry Pi.


Dell’s Skylake XPS 13, Precision Workstations Now Come with Ubuntu Preinstalled

Author: ArsTechnica | Files under syndicated

We really liked the updated Skylake-powered Dell XPS 13, and its bigger brother, the XPS 15, was also pretty great.
But if you’re looking at those machines and thinking, “Well, the hardware is nice; I just wish they came with Linux,” Dell ha…


Red Hat Linux to Run on Qualcomm Server Chips

Author: ComputerWorld | Files under syndicated

Qualcomm has been established in mobile devices for some time now, but it’s still trying to jumpstart the market for its chips in servers. So in an effort to exploit advanced features on its server chips and appeal to as many developers as possible, Qu…


Thin Mini-ITX SBC Runs Linux on Skylake, Offers Long Lifecycle

Author: LinuxGizmos | Files under syndicated

Congatec’s “Conga-IC170” is a Linux-ready thin Mini-ITX board with 6th Gen dual-core Intel Core CPUs, up to 32GB DDR4-2133, and a wide-range power supply. Congatec, which was early to announce COM Express modules based on Intel’s 14nm, 6th Generation Core (“Skylake”) processors, has now rolled out a thin Mini-ITX Skylake board.


This Is How Much Hotter The Raspberry Pi 3 Gets Than The Raspberry Pi 2

Author: Phoronix | Files under syndicated

As part of the numerous Raspberry Pi 3 benchmarks published this weekend, I had an article devoted to how the Raspberry Pi 3 gets rather warm under load. 


Canonical Makes the DragonBoard 410c Its Reference Ubuntu Core ARM64 Platform

Author: Phoronix | Files under syndicated

Canonical has announced they are making a 64-bit ARM developer environment based on Ubuntu Core and will use the DragonBoard 410c as its reference platform.