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Rackspace Puts the Pedal to the Metal for OpenStack

Author: eWeek | Files under syndicated

Rackspace’s expanded OnMetal bare-metal server service for OpenStack cloud debuts.


Cloud Native Computing Foundation Picks Kubernetes as Its First Container

Author: - All Content | Files under syndicated

Linux Foundation-supported CNCF wants to spur adoption of more open source cloud apps. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has plumped for Google’s Kubernetes as its first containerisation technology.


SUSE Now Offers Non-Disruptive Upgrades for OpenStack

Author: - All Content | Files under syndicated

SUSE has just made it a lot easier to upgrade the company’s OpenStack distribution, SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6 (SOC 6). “If enterprise customers want to move to a new version of OpenStack they don’t have to replace and rebuild; they can now do a normal upgrade from an older version of OpenStack cloud to a newer version,” said SUSE CEO Nils Brauckmann.


Docker Claims Performance Advantage Over Kubernetes

Author: InformationWeek | Files under syndicated

Docker had its Swarm orchestration product tested against Kubernetes and claims the results show a 5X advantage in speed to initiation. Docker submitted its container orchestration software, Swarm, to testing by a third party, which claims to have foun…


Enterprise Ready: OwnCloud 9 Handles Petabytes of Data

Author: ZDNet | Files under syndicated

The next version of ownCloud, the personal cloud server, adds enterprise-level scalability and collaboration improvements.


SUSE Targets Simplification with OpenStack Cloud 6 Release

Author: - All Content | Files under syndicated

German open source vendor SUSE claims its new OpenStack Cloud 6 is designed to overcome the fear of commitment that is putting IT buyers off engagement with the cloud. SUSE claims its new private cloud offering is a solution to the buying objections th…


HPC Finally Climbing to the Cloud

Author: insideHPC | Files under syndicated

Although commerce and consumers have been computing in the cloud for years, the high-performance computing sector has been more hesitant. But all that may now be changing.


4 No-Bull Takeaways About Docker Cloud

Author: InfoWorld | Files under syndicated

Multicloud app delivery service Docker Cloud means a lot for users, the company, and their ecosystem.


The Evolving Market for Commercial Software Built On Open Source

Author: Tom Krazit | Files under syndicated

Your customers could install their own tweaks to a project like Hadoop or Spark or Node.js, but there’s money to be made helping those customers out with a customizable package that lets them implement some of today’s vital open source technologies wit…


Encryption Still a Low Priority for Too Many Cloud Users

Author: ZDNet | Files under syndicated

The vast majority of businesses will be using cloud to store confidential information by 2018 – but almost half have no plans to encrypt it.