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Four Hidden Costs and Risks of Sudo Can Lead to Cybersecurity Risks and Compliance Problems on Unix and Linux Servers

Author: Chad Erbe | Files under syndicated
Beyond Trust

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It is always a philosophical debate as to whether to use open source software in a regulated environment. Open source software is crowd sourced, and developers from all over the world contribute to packages that are later included in Operating System distributions.


Zentera Systems, Inc.’s CoIP Security Enclave

Author: James Gray | Files under syndicated

On the heels of being crowned “Cool Vendor in Cloud Security” by
Gartner, Zentera Systems, Inc., announced an upgrade to its flagship
CoIP Security Enclave solution. more>>


Testing the Waters: How to Perform Internal Phishing Campaigns

Author: Jeramiah Bowling | Files under syndicated

Phishing is one of the most dangerous threats to modern
computing. Phishing attacks have evolved from sloppily written mass email
blasts to targeted attacks designed to fool even the most cautious
users. No defense is bulletproof, and most experts agree education and
common sense are the best tools to combat the problem. more>>


The Wire

Author: Shawn Powers | Files under syndicated

In the US, there has been recent concern over ISPs turning over logs to
the government. During the past few years, the idea of people snooping on
our private data (by governments and others) really has made encryption
more popular than ever before. One of the problems with encryption,
however, is that it’s generally not user-friendly to add its protection
to your conversations. more>>


Lotfi ben Othmane, Martin Gilje Jaatun and Edgar Weippl’s Empirical Research for Software Security (CRC Press)

Author: James Gray | Files under syndicated

Developing truly secure software is no walk through the park. more>>


iStorage diskAshur Storage Drives

Author: James Gray | Files under syndicated

With software-free setup and operation, the new iStorage diskAshur group of
ultra-secure storage drives works across all operating systems, including Linux,
macOS, Android, Chrome, thin and zero clients, MS Windows and embedded systems.


Key Considerations for Software Updates for Embedded Linux and IoT

Author: Eystein Stenberg | Files under syndicated

The Mirai botnet attack that enslaved poorly secured connected embedded
devices is yet another tangible example of the importance of security
before bringing your embedded devices online. A new strain of Mirai has
caused network outages to about a million Deutsche Telekom customers due
to poorly secured routers. more>>


Caldwell Partners’ Cyber Advisory Board Service

Author: James Gray | Files under syndicated

For many enterprises, cyber risk is the top business risk. Meanwhile,
there is simply not a sufficiently large talent pool of cyber-risk
professionals to satisfy the ever-growing demand. more>>


Postmortem: What to Do After a Security Incident

Author: Susan Sons | Files under syndicated

Incidents happen. Vulnerabilities happen. The quality of your response
can make the difference between a bad day and a disaster. What happens
after the response can make the difference between endless firefighting
and becoming stronger with every battle. A quality postmortem analysis
is free ammunition. more>>


All Your Accounts Are Belong to Us

Author: Shawn Powers | Files under syndicated

Last weekend my work phone suddenly stopped working. Not the phone
itself, but rather all service stopped. I first noticed (of course) due
to an inability to load any web pages. Then I tried calling someone and
realized my phone was disconnected. In fact, when someone tried to call
me, it said the line was no longer in service. more>>