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Analyzing Song Lyrics

Author: Dave Taylor | Files under syndicated

I was reading about the history of The Beatles a few days ago and bumped into an
interesting fact. According to the author, The Beatles used the word
“love” in their songs more than 160 times. At first I thought,
“cool”, but the more I thought about it, the more I became skeptical about the figure. In
fact, I suspect that the word “love” shows up considerably more than 160


V. Anton Spraul’s Think Like a Programmer, Python Edition

Author: James Gray | Files under syndicated

What is programming? Sure, it consists of syntax and the assembly of code,
but it is essentially a means to solve problems. To study programming,
then, is to study the art of problem solving, and a new book from V.
Anton Spraul, Think Like a Programmer, Python Edition, is a guide to
sharpening skills in both spheres. more>>


Watermarking Images–from the Command Line

Author: Dave Taylor | Files under syndicated

Us geeks mostly think of the command line as the best place for text
manipulation. It’s a natural with cat,
grep and shell scripts. But
although you can’t necessarily view your results from within a typical
terminal window, it turns out to be pretty darn easy to analyze and
manipulate images from within a shell script.


Heirloom Software: the Past as Adventure

Author: Eric S. Raymond | Files under syndicated

Through the years, I’ve spent what might seem to some people an inordinate
amount of time cleaning up and preserving ancient software. My
Retrocomputing Museum page archives any
number of computer languages and games that might seem utterly


Zed A. Shaw’s Learn Python 3 the Hard Way

Author: James Gray | Files under syndicated

Author Zed A. Shaw makes a simple promise in his Hard Way series of books from
publisher Addison-Wesley Professional: “It’ll be hard at first. more>>


Manipulate Images with ImageMagick

Author: Dave Taylor | Files under syndicated

In my last
, I had some fun looking at the children’s game of rock,
paper, scissors, writing a simple simulator and finding out that some
strategies are better than others. Yes, I used “strategy” and
“rock, paper, scissors” in the same sentence!


Gabriel Ford, Sadie Ford and Melissa Ford’s Hello, Scratch!

Author: James Gray | Files under syndicated

In the new book Hello, Scratch! (published by Manning Publications), parents and
kids work together to learn programming skills, but not in just any
old way. They create new versions of old retro-style arcade games with
the Scratch open-source visual programming language from the MIT Media


Rogue Wave Software’s Zend Studio

Author: James Gray | Files under syndicated

The quick pitch for Rogue Wave Software’s Zend Studio, recently updated to
version 13.6, is “the PHP IDE for smarter development”. Zend Studio
13.6, says Rogue Wave, offers 3X faster performance in indexing, validation
and searching of PHP code, and it allows users to code faster, debug more easily and
leverage the massive performance gains in PHP 7. more>>


Scissors, Paper or Rock?

Author: Dave Taylor | Files under syndicated

In this article, I’m going to tackle a children’s game that’s extraordinarily
complicated, with many variations, and the programming task is going to be quite
tricky. Just kidding! Rock Paper Scissors (or RPS, as it’s known) is
pretty darn easy to simulate because there aren’t really many variants or
possible outcomes.


FreeDOS Is 23 Years Old, and Counting

Author: Jim Hall | Files under syndicated

The FreeDOS Project has just reached its 23rd birthday! This is a major
milestone for any free software or open-source software project.