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Podcast Season 06 Episode 2

Author: TuxRadar | Files under syndicated

Title: Here’s Jonni

Another in a series of irregular podcasts from the Linux Format team. Apologies for lower than usual sound quality, the air conditioning was making a racket. Hopefully we’ll all, mostly, be back soon…

In this episode: A …


Podcast Season 6 Episode 1

Author: TuxRadar | Files under syndicated

Title: Piano Panic

In this episode: Linux is invading every part of your home, fridges and routers are sending spam and how your car is going to drive you home from the pub. We look at what’s happening with Steam OS, the Red Hat CentOS deal and the…


Podcast Season 6 Episode 0 – pilot

Author: TuxRadar | Files under syndicated

Title: Winter is Coming

In this pilot episode: Be gentle with us in this least-festive, festive edition. We discover the abandoned Linux Format Towers, half of the new team introduces itself and we attempt to cobble together our first pilot podcast. …


Podcast Season 5 Episode 17

Author: TuxRadar | Files under syndicated

Title: Like the legend of the phoenix

In this episode: The founder of Puppy Linux retires. SteamOS has been announced by Valve and CyanogenMod gets $7m in funding. Hear our eclectic discoveries, the sound of Tanner’s brains and your own opinions in…


Podcast Season 5 Episode 16

Author: TuxRadar | Files under syndicated

Title: ROT-13

In this episode: Encryption is dead, but there are lots of great games in the new Humble Indie Bundle. FreeBSD ditches GCC and Intel clashes with Ubuntu. We’ve got some great discoveries, we dust down the old wheel of misfortune and …


Podcast Season 5 Episode 15

Author: TuxRadar | Files under syndicated

Title: Bomba Kabisa

In this episode: No more Groklaw and no Ubuntu Edge. ZTE’s Firefox phone sells out quickly on eBay, and the exFAT filesystem is now open source. And as usual, we also have discoveries, challenges, brains and a ballot!

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Podcast Season 5 Episode 14

Author: TuxRadar | Files under syndicated

Title: Daft Punk

In this episode: Tor (plus a Firefox vulnerability) has been compromised. Canonical’s Ubuntu Edge compaign has some way to go (but they’ve just added a lower priced tier). And Jean-Baptiste Quéru is leaving the Android Open …


Podcast Season 5 Episode 13

Author: TuxRadar | Files under syndicated

Title: Edgy Ubuntu

In this episode: Canonical attempts to crowdfund its own cutting-edge smartphone and Linus Torvalds gets into an argument on the kernel mailing list. We also have some nice discoveries, a couple of great Brains submissions and the ever-awesome Open Ballot.

Quick! A year’s subscriptions to Linux Format is currently insanely cheap on Google Play (£13.99 for the year).

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Open Ballot: Living on the Edge

Author: TuxRadar | Files under syndicated

Those of you that live under rocks in remote corners of the globe may not have heard about the Ubuntu Edge, but the rest of you will probably be pretty familiar with it. The distro maker are trying to use crowdfunding to create an Ubuntu smartphone: ht…


Podcast Season 5 Episode 12

Author: TuxRadar | Files under syndicated

Title: The Sound of Music

In this episode: Cryptocat breaks. LXDE moves to Qt. Firefox phones are now available. Lubuntu and Kubuntu aren’t going to Mir. Fedora 19 is out and Samsung is sponsoring a $4m developer challenge. We’ve got discoveries, …