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Read a Book in the Blink of an Eye!

Author: Shawn Powers | Files under syndicated

I love reading. Sadly, the 24 hours I get per day seems to be inadequate
for the tasks I need to accomplish. That might change as my teenagers
turn into college kids and then begin to start families of their own. For
now, however, between drama class and basketball practice, it seems like
it takes about 30 hours to accomplish a 24-hour day. more>>


Android Candy: My World, in a Lock Screen

Author: Shawn Powers | Files under syndicated

It feels weird to mention a Microsoft product in Linux
. But to
be honest, there are some cool things coming out of the Microsoft Garage
One of those things is
“Next Lock Screen”,
which is an Android app that brings interactive tools to the lock screen.


All Your Accounts Are Belong to Us

Author: Shawn Powers | Files under syndicated

Last weekend my work phone suddenly stopped working. Not the phone
itself, but rather all service stopped. I first noticed (of course) due
to an inability to load any web pages. Then I tried calling someone and
realized my phone was disconnected. In fact, when someone tried to call
me, it said the line was no longer in service. more>>


Android Candy: Exploding Kittens!

Author: Shawn Powers | Files under syndicated

I don’t very often play games. I know that seems odd, because I do often write
about gaming. Honestly though, I very rarely actually take the time to
play video games. Recently, however, there has been an exception to that rule.


Analyzing Videos for Fun and Profit

Author: Joey Bernard | Files under syndicated

People’s phones and all of the various sensors that may be built in to them
is a
source of scientific data logging that almost everyone carries around.
Although the selection of sensors varies from phone to phone,
they almost all have a camera. In this article, I take a
look at a piece of software called Tracker that can be used to analyze
videos you take of experiments.


Low Tech High Tech

Author: Shawn Powers | Files under syndicated

Google Cardboard should be terrible. Really, it should. It’s literally
made of cardboard. I remember as a kid some cereal boxes came with spy
glasses you had to cut out of the box itself—and they were terrible. But
Google Cardboard is amazing. Granted, you need to add your $750 Android
phone to it, but that’s already in your pocket anyway.


Android Candy: the Verbification of Video Chat

Author: Shawn Powers | Files under syndicated

People who study the history of languages probably will look back at our
current time and scratch their heads. We keep inventing verbs! First,
Google became the verb we use for searching. Then, “Facebooking” someone
became a viable way to contact them. Heck, I forgot about “texting”
someone. It seems we just keep taking perfectly good nouns and making
them verbs. more>>


Listen to Me Cheaply

Author: Shawn Powers | Files under syndicated

I listen to a lot of books. A lot. And honestly, although I’ve written about
the “Listen” app for audiobooks, I tend to use Audible more than anything
else anymore. Part of the reason is the Android app finally has more
fine-grained speed settings. (I prefer around 1.4x speed.) iPhone people
don’t have that seemingly simple feature. Just saying.


Android Candy: Landing on the Moon, with your Thumbs

Author: Shawn Powers | Files under syndicated

I do a lot of system administration with my thumbs. Yes, if I’m
home, I grab a laptop or go to my office and type in a real terminal
window. Usually, when things go wrong though, I’m at my daughters’ volleyball
match or shopping with my wife. Thankfully, most tasks can be done
remotely via SSH. There are lots of SSH clients for Android, but my
favorite is JuiceSSH.


Be Kind, Buffer!

Author: Shawn Powers | Files under syndicated

I like to tweet. Not like a bird (well, not usually), but
tweeting on Twitter. I like to post silly pictures and say silly
things. Unfortunately, a few things usually happen:

  • I take a bunch of photos within minutes of each other.

  • I want to post to Twitter and Facebook.