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Cinnamon 2.8 Ready to Try

Author: James Darvell | Files under syndicated

As Cinnamon 2.8 approaches
official release later this month, the developers have made the pre-release
version available to early adopters. If you are eager to try it, there are two
different options. Mint users can install it through the package manager.
Otherwise, you can build it from source.


diff -u: What’s New in Kernel Development

Author: Zack Brown | Files under syndicated

Over time, memory can become more and more fragmented on a system,
making it difficult to find contiguous blocks of RAM to satisfy ongoing
allocation requests. more>>


A First Look at IBM’s New Linux Servers

Author: James Darvell | Files under syndicated

Today, IBM announces the latest of its Power Systems line of high-end
servers. These are the Power Systems S812LC, the Power Systems S822LC (for
commercial computing) and the high-performance Power Systems S822LC. All
of them are custom-built for Linux.


The Ubuntu Conspiracy

Author: James Darvell | Files under syndicated

A recent rumor has sparked waves of fear and outrage throughout the
Linux community. The word is that Microsoft is in secret negotiations
to purchase Canonical, the Ubuntu company.


Vigilante Malware

Author: James Darvell | Files under syndicated

Vigilante. The word itself conjures up images of a man in a mask,
leaping across rooftops as he chases wrongdoers, dancing with the devil
in the pale moonlight. In films and on TV, the vigilante is usually
the character we support. But would you welcome a vigilante into your
home in real life?


New Products

Author: James Gray | Files under syndicated

Please send information about releases of Linux-related products
to or New
c/o Linux Journal, PO Box 980985, Houston,
TX 77098. Submissions are edited for l…


SUSE – “Will not diverge from its Open Source roots!”

Author: John Grogan | Files under syndicated

No one had a busier LinuxCon show than the folks at SUSE. Yet still they were gracious enough, and care enough about the community, to sit down for a talk with Linux Journal. more>>


Huge Package Overhaul for Debian and Ubuntu

Author: James Darvell | Files under syndicated

Debian and Ubuntu are moving to update all C++ packages with GCC5, which was released in April. GCC stands for Gnu Compiler Collection, and it is used to convert source code to executable code and libraries. These compilers are used to build everything from the Linux kernel to user applications, so it’s a far-reaching change. more>>


Shashlik – a Tasty New Android Simulator

Author: James Darvell | Files under syndicated

Although the Linux kernel forms the beating heart of the Android operating system, it’s still a very different platform from most distros. In fact, beyond the kernel, most of the libraries, services and applications are completely different. While there are hundreds of different Linux distros out there, they all share components from the GNU project. more>>


Linux Kernel 4.1 Released

Author: James Darvell | Files under syndicated

Version 4.1 of the Linux
kernel was released this week, and it includes a number of new features in
the following areas.