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Linux Is Everywhere. Now There’s A Plan to Make It for Everyone

Author: Wired | Files under syndicated

Today The Linux Foundation announced The Extended Learning Linux Foundation Scholarship Program, an educational initiative aimed at helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds gain the skills they need to start careers in information technology.


GE Cloud CTO: Look for These Skills When Hiring for Cloud

Author: - All Content | Files under syndicated

To really obtain the benefits of cloud, the traditional infrastructure technology silos need to be broken down and team members need to become “full-stack engineers.” 


Turnover Remains High in IT Job Market, Dice Finds

Author: eWeek | Files under syndicated

Total quits in the category in the first three quarters of 2015 averaged 508,200, the highest since 2002, according to a report from Dice.


IT Pros Fall Prey to Long Working Hours

Author: eWeek | Files under syndicated

Interestingly, IT work isn’t quite as busy for part-time IT staff, a survey shows, as part-time respondents said they put in about 21 hours per week.


What I Learned from Blowing An Interview

Author: - All Content | Files under syndicated Understanding that “general, abstract knowledge is not the same thing as applied knowledge” can help us have better conversations of all kinds.


Getting Started With a Career in Cybersecurity

Author: ZDNet | Files under syndicated

With the ongoing and seemingly never-ending flood of cyberattacks, companies and governments the world over need experienced, skilled professionals to protect, defend, and strike back. But how do you get into the lucrative cybersecurity career? David G…


Creating Careers for Research Software Engineers

Author: insideHPC | Files under syndicated

“Recognition of status and career advancement in academia relies on publications. If your skills as a software developer lead you to focus on code to the detriment of your publication history, then your career will come to a grinding halt – despite the fact that your work may have significantly…


Programmers, Developers Lead Strong IT Jobs Market

Author: eWeek | Files under syndicated

Programmers and developers, forecast as the most difficult to fill, declined throughout the year, but regained the top spot at the end of September.


IT Leaders Expect Rise in Budgets in 2015, But Hiring Slows

Author: eWeek | Files under syndicated

Security professionals, programmers and developers, software engineers and project managers remained in the top five most difficult positions to fill.


Keeping Skills Fresh in Tech Pays Off

Author: | Files under syndicated

Feeling burned out? Uninspired? Or, even worse, unemployed? Maybe it’s time to update your stagnant skill set to take on cool new projects in your current company, or to make your resume stand out. read more…