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Ubuntu To Ship On Lenovo Thinkpad L450 In India – Welcome Ubuntu

Author: Mohd Sohail | Files under syndicated

I am very happy with the news that yesterday Canonical declared the launch of Ubuntu in India on Lenovo Thinkpad L450. Yes, you heard right! I was waiting for them to come in India and now wait is over! The laptops may be start sh…


System Integration Market – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015 – 2021

Author: Addie Thomes | Files under syndicated

System integration (SI) enables to build computing systems for end users by combining hardware and software products from several vendors. By implementing systems integration, a company can acquire cheaper, pre-configured components of software. These …


Global Business Analytics and Enterprise Software Publishing Market 2015 – 2021

Author: Addie Thomes | Files under syndicated

Business analytics & enterprise software publishing industry includes development and distribution of customer relationship management (CRM), business analytics, business intelligence (BI), predictive analysis software, collaboration software and other enterprise oriented software solutions. Additionally, it offers training and consulting services related with these softwares. The business analytics & enterprise software publishing market includes publishing activities for business analytics solutions such as predictive analysis software and enterprise software solutions such as enterprise resource planning. Recently, business analytics and enterprise software publishing industry has witnessed a steady growth and with technological advancements the market is anticipated to witness a steady growth throughout the forecast period. Owing to this IT companies are majorly focusing on design and development of effective business analytics tools including basic reporting to advanced and complex forecasting and data mining tools. These solutions allow businesses and data analysts to extract future insights from the provided corporate data which when transformed to actions, delivers high levels of profitability and efficiency to the enterprise. Technologically advances in business intelligence and analytics software such as Analytics Pro (by SAS) are driving this market. Small scale businesses look for software, including enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management applications and therefore are potential opportunities for this market. 

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Low rate of interest and one-time tax benefits to upgrade information technology (IT) infrastructure is luring corporations to incorporate changes in their existing IT services. This trend is a major driver for the business analytics & enterprise software publishing market. The business analytics & enterprise software publishing market is characterized by mergers and acquisitions wherein large companies acquire small competitors in order to expand their product and service offerings, and to escalate its sales revenue. Software companies are spending huge amounts for acquiring high performance cloud computing businesses and enterprise software vendors. For instance, Oracle acquired Hyperion Solutions Corporation, Siebel CRM Systems Inc., PeopleSoft, Nimbula, Inc. and Taleo Corporation. Similarly, IBM Corporation acquired SPSS Statistics, Cognos Inc., SoftLayer Technologies Inc. and Varicent Software Inc. These acquisitions have aided software vendors to increase its product offerings and in turn its customer base. Most of the companies have transformed from traditional software solutions to Software as a Service (SaaS). They are offering cost effective cloud models, in order to retain existing corporate customers. The latest web based pay-as-you-go service will allow firewall restricted business applications to access any secure internet connection.

The business analytics & enterprise software publishing market is concentrated with four firms controlling a majority of industry share (IBM Corporation, Oracle Corporation, SAP AG, and Microsoft Corporation). The market witnesses fewer products from the major companies competing among each other to obtain competitive edge. Moreover, various licensing schemes and government regulations have tend to lead customers towards brands.

The business analytics & enterprise software publishing market is in the dawn of its growth potential. With technological advancements, innovative predictive analysis tools are expected to get introduced in near future which will unlock new business avenues for this market.

Major players in the business analytics & enterprise software publishing market are Microsoft Corporation, Oracle Corporation, IBM Corporation, SAP AG and Tableau Software, Inc., QlikTech International AB , Tibco Software, Inc. MicroStrategy Inc., SAS Institute, Inc.

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Key Points Covered in the Report

  • Market segmentation on the basis of type, application, product, and technology (as applicable)
  • Geographic segmentation
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia 
    • RoW
  • Market size and forecast for the various segments and geographies for the period from 2010 to 2020
  • Company profiles of the leading companies operating in the market
  • Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of the market

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Storage Networking Market – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015 – 2021

Author: Addie Thomes | Files under syndicated

Storage networking, also known as storage area network, is a network used to provide access to a secured, block level data storage. These networks are used to enhance the capacity of mass storage devices (tape libraries, optical jukeboxes and disk arra…


IoT Security Market – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015 – 2021

Author: Addie Thomes | Files under syndicated

Internet of Things (IoT) connects devices such as industrial equipment and consumer objects on to a network, enabling gathering of information and management of these devices through software to increase efficiency and enable new services. IoT combines…


Identity Management – What you Need to Know (Benefits and Solution)

Author: Maren Abatielos | Files under syndicated

Identity management is one of the keywords in IT and everyone knows, at least roughly, what it is and that every business should have that. But what is it exactly and what are the real benefits for enterprises setting up a central identity management (…


Working On The Go – How You Stay Productive and in Control of Your Data

Author: Maren Abatielos | Files under syndicated

Kevin D. Korte, President of Univention North America, posted the second article in his series about his first year’s experiences in the United States. He talks about the difficulties you can encounter from working on the go and gives valuable advice o…


Adopt Agile Scrum Development & Enhance your Company Performance

Author: Max Carlin | Files under syndicated

Agile development is a simple and lightweight framework that focuses on rapid delivery of business value. It is often described as iterative and incremental process because in this development process team develops software and gathers requirements sim…


Rafael Laguna from Open-Xchange: Make money with Open Source software

Author: Maren Abatielos | Files under syndicated

Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-Xchange, the producer of the groupware Open-Xchange, explains in this article that the Open Source industry and its contributors have evolved from “ponytailed computer geeks” to worldwide successful companies and IT professio…


Test It Right: 3 Open Source Load Testing Tools for Your Application!

Author: David Christian | Files under syndicated

Planning to launch a new web application? Are you sure it works well enough and loads on time, even when the traffic reaches a breaking point? If you are not sure, here is something that requires your immediate attention.

A surefire way of being certain that the performance of your application maintained is by monitoring it regularly. For this, use of novel testing tools is highly suggested. Out of all the superb testing software and tools available over the Internet these days, choosing the best one can often be a tricky task. So, enlisted below are 3 most convenient open source load testing tools that you can use for your application. Of course, you can avail customized and premium ones such as PeopleSoft Application Load Testing tools also, but it is suggested that you must run the first test on an open source one.

Given below are three superb tools which you can bring into use for testing your application of errors and bugs:

  1. 1.The Grinder: This is a free Java-based load testing platform, licensed by the BSD-style open source tool, which was developed by Paco Gomez and maintained by Philip Aston. The contribution of the company with many enhancements, translations, and fixes. Making the Grinder valiant, it features with the two main parts:
  • ØGrinder Agents: Having a number of workers to create the load, Grinder agents are the headless load generators.
  • ØGrinder Console: It controls the number of Grinder agents that monitors the results through the various applications. It is used for editing or developing test suites.

This is how the Grinder can be proved affluent to your website. Here are some of its key features:

  • Strewn testing balances the number of agent instances
  • Flexible specification that includes the generating test data on-the-fly has the capability to use external data sources like databases, files, and many more.
  • Supportive to multi-protocols
  • Network Activity is recorded by the Grinder test script


  1. 2.Tsung: Known as IDX-Tsunami, it is the only java based open source performance testing tool. It is simple to install as like “apt-get install erlang” (Tsung relies on Erlang).

In 2001, Nicolas Niclausse developed the Tsung. Also, he had originally implemented a distributed load testing solution for Jabber (XMPP). This success followed in 2003, where he productively performed the HTTP protocol load Testing.

In present times, it functions fully on testing solution with the support of modern protocols like databases, web socket, and more.

Therefore, TSung have many features to explore:

  • Enables the replication of thousands of virtual users on mid-end developer machines
  • Supportive to multiple protocols, it has dynamic scenarios and mixed behaviors by allowing the load patterns to be combined in a single test.
  • Embeds easy-readable load reports


  1. 3.Apache JMeter: The only desktop application in present times, Apache JMeter is a user-friendly GUI. Through this, the test development and debugging processes becomes easier. Since 2009, Apache JMeter is now a popular source to remedy solution like Silk Performer. JMeter is widely adopted and has the modular structure extended by the plugins. This implies that the features developed by the Apache Software Foundation or online contributors implements the protocols through the plugins. Here are few of them:
  • JMeter is a platform that is suitable to any operating system with java.
  • Scalable in nature, JMeter executes various distribution modes i.e. it can control a number of remote hosts.
  • Multi-featured that visualize and analyze performance test results

These tools are flexible enough to correlation, assertions and distributed testing capabilities.